“By Bike!”, perfomance schedule

We are talking about a by-product of the project “Eco-Tour”. This project has made me ride the bike for over 10000 km. I have carried it out in more than one hundred cities and have traveled through five countries. No means of transport, such as cars, trains, coaches, or else, have ever been taken. Just my bike has followed me and the shows throughout my trips. As the promo said: “I believe in my show, thousands of miles on the saddle, over 50 kg of material: two unicycles, amplification, batteries. A season-long way of life, a clear and unmistakable message for our audience.”

“You, too” is a 35-minute performance. Repeatable. It is made of three parts: an introduction with one, two, and three diabolos, a second act where I juggle with a 110 mm sphere, and a great finale in which I ride my big giraffe unicycle, involving up to five volunteers.