Gioca la tua partita

“Gioca la tua partita”, perfomance schedule

A 35-minute show. Repeatable. It consists of three parts, or acts. First I juggle with 80 mm acrylics, then I ride on a low unicycle, and at last, but not least, on a giraffe unicycle (2 metres high) using three swords, some torches or else. The audience is involved in my doing and the interaction with them makes one exhibition totally different from the other. The show is more or less what you can see in the video. My appliances are an independent sound system, equipped with a 80 W amplification, and a microphone. I can make use of a more powerful sound system and a even a small light system, if an electric socket is available. I need enough space (usually 6x6 m plus the audience space) and quite a regular bottom. Anyhow, I am a flexible person and I can deal with any kind of condition. Assembling and disassembling take me about ten minutes. I have performed “Gioca la tua partita” on many occasions in recent years. In particular, in 2011 I presented it in over 15 festivals in Italy, Switzerland, and France.
This is my best show, always appreciated wherever I go.